Adidas x Allbirds Futurecraft Footprint Sneaker Release


It’s not often that shoe makers band together for a common cause, but the pursuit of carbon-neutral sneakers has led Adidas and the Allbirds to do just that.

Around this time last year, a rare intra-industry collaboration was announced, and in 12 months the two brands are ready to launch a product. The result of their goal of zero carbon footwear is known as the Futurecraft Footprint.

While the two brands failed to meet the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, they managed to create a pair with 63 percent fewer emissions than one similar Adidas sneaker. The small print (scrawled on the midsole) is that each pair has a carbon footprint of just 2.94 kg CO2-eq., While the Adidas Adizero RC3 shoes measure 7.86 kg. running shoes are about 12.5 kg CO2-eq.

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