Apex Legends Mobile Early Access available on Android


source: https://bit.ly/3w8MNIu

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games currently available for PC and consoles. Now Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA) are aiming to conquer mobile devices. The game was recently available for pre-registration globally and now appears to be in early access, with people who have already signed up to the game getting it.

Please note that the game is not currently available to all Android users, and is currently only available to users who pre-registered last week.

The game comes with a file size of 1.34 GB. Users took to Twitter to share their initial impressions of the game and post screenshots of the gameplay. Early access to the game is currently only available on the Google Play store, while Apple users will have to wait a bit to play the game.

From the images posted online, we can see that the controls on the screen of the upcoming mobile game are very similar to other Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and others. However, it does have additional features like gamers can customize and shuffle the function buttons.

The game lobby is pretty simple without any fuss, and all new players will receive login rewards such as coins, weapons, and new characters.

EA Games did not say when the game will be available to everyone, nor did it say when the next Early Access package will be released. The game could be made available pretty soon, like Crash Bandicoot, or you can wait months before it becomes available, like Call of Duty: Mobile.

How to pre-register?

source: https://bit.ly/3boG0ma

To pre-register to access the game, you need to search for Apex Legends Mobile on the Google Play store. After the game appears in the search results, you need to click on the preview tile to open the game page, and then you need to click on pre-register. After that, you need to wait. Every time the company decides to allow the next beta version, you will receive a notification about this and can download the game.

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