Best 5 Upcoming Games For PC in 2021


Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, series are born while others dwindle and, occasionally, a game actually lives up to our expectations.


The first glimpse at the upcoming horror game’s Transylvania-inspired setting, werewolf-like enemies, and claustrophobic first-person perspective has us all nervous in the true sense. The village will also launch with Resident Evil Ray: Versus, an online multiplayer death check mode that will allow you to play as lovable characters from Resident Evil’s 25-year history.

Resident Evil 8 release date: May 7, 2021


After playing the Dishonored game, we’re liking anything about which developer Arkane has been working on openly. The latest is set on the fictional island of Blackreaf as the horns of two legendary assassins. While we wait for the DeathLoop launch date, we can only imagine the invention and meticulous detail Arkane Leon will experience in this well-timed genre.

Deathloop release date: September 14, 2021


From the creators of the beloved zombie co-op, FPS game comes Left 4 Dead Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor that sees you fighting alongside your friends, who are infested with parasites, who defeat the rhombi, zombified humans. for. Along with the four-player co-op story mode, there is also a competitive multiplayer mode where you can surround your friends as a terrifying zombie.

Back 4 Blood release date: October 12, 2021


An action-adventure game with a twist, Ghostwear: Tokyo Evil is a new IP game from the developers behind it, with all the spookiness, if survival-horror elements are not needed.

The trailer of Ghostwire: Tokyo E3 announcement shows that the story of developer Tango Gamwork focuses on the disappearance of people from their homes in Tokyo. Let’s hope this curio doesn’t disappear, too.

GhostWire: Tokyo release date: October 2021

5. FAR CRY 6

Far Cry 6 was originally slated for a release date of 18 February 2021 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, Ubisoft revealed its financial struggles, saying the game would come after April 2021, but not after March 2022.

We will update you as soon as the official release date is announced.

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