Best Five Wireless Gaming Keyboard in 2021

    1. Logitech G915

    The best wireless gaming keyboard isn’t a necessity as it might be the best wireless gaming headset or the best wireless mouse, but if you’re aiming for the absolute minimum of desktop aesthetics, then the full wireless trio is what you need. For the most part, this isn’t a matter of performance or even utility, but removing the cable can provide flexibility for lounge gaming or simply help keep your desk clean.

    Wireless keyboards often resist what a gaming keyboard should be, but Logitech’s latest wireless technology built into the G915 aims to break that notion. All the best mechanical gaming keyboards available in a low profile design come with distinctive features: various mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, media controls, and full-featured RGB lighting.

    The G915 is thin but surprisingly thick, which is slightly larger than you might think. The aluminum-on-plastic frame is incredibly durable and looks (in a good way) like a piece of modern art. The real test, however, is battery life, fortunately, the G915 passes with flying colors, claiming over 30 hours of battery life with full RGB brightness on a single charge.

    The only downside to the G915 is the astronomical price tag. At $ 250 MSRP, it’s a lot more expensive than our beloved Corsair K95 Platinum wired mechanical keyboard. The G915, however, has a similarly wired sibling, the G815, which costs only $ 200.

    The Logitech G915 looks like a logical evolution of what a wireless mechanical keyboard should be, including great connectivity, impressive battery life, and an uncompromising feature set … that it can afford.

    2. Logitech G613

    The technology behind wireless peripherals has come a long way, and Logitech Lightspeed wireless is a prime example. The G613 has never missed a connection despite the plethora of wireless devices on our table. It matches wired peripherals in terms of stability and responsibility. It’s also effective; A pair of AA batteries can work without interruption for 18 months.

    While it is designed for practicality at first, it is not soft at all. A second glance shows a number of special macros, media controls, and volume rockers. The wrist rest is also huge, although it’s worth noting that it is not removable. Apparently the backlight is cut out to save battery.

    This patented Romer-G switch offers a distance of just 3mm and a light tactile bump. Its soft and quiet nature makes it suitable for both gaming and typing.

    3. Logitech G915 TKL

    Rounding out a clean line in the top three of Logitech’s wireless gaming keyboards is the recently released G915 TKL. Like its big brother, it has the same excellent Lightspeed wireless connectivity, as well as the same high-quality builds and design. This means you get separate aluminum-on-plastic media controls and chassis, making it very reliable.

    You also get new fashionable Logitech switches that are more reminiscent of the Cherry MX design than the original Romer-G switches. The low profile Logitech GL, a variant of the Kailh Choc switch, is one of the best short stack mechanical switches and is as responsive as it is wacky.

    But you have to make some sacrifices for the compact design without keys, which means no macro keys. Anyway, no physical. Macros are now a secondary function of the F keys, and you can jump into Logitech G software to prioritize them.

    All this means that the G915 TKL is practically on a par with a full-size motherboard, with almost all the features and an equally exorbitant price tag.

    4. Corsair K63 Wireless

    The compact Corsair K63 comes packed with wireless features. Cherry MX Red Switch, Media control, wrist rest, and Blue backlights.

    The reason for my hesitation on the last point is that the battery life of the K63 Wireless is already very brief without it. Its integrated rechargeable battery lasts for an average of 15 hours, with light set to medium and 25 hours in average brightness. Corsair cited battery life to be 75 hours with the backlights turned off, at which point the inclusion of the backlight seems like a fruitless decision. Corsier recommends plugging it in for seamless gameplay, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of a wireless keyboard?

    Battery problem aside, the K63 Wireless is a solid board. The keys are responsive, and all its useful features make your day a little easier. As it stands, there is no better option if you need a compact, wireless mechanical keyboard. You can also seat the K63 Wireless in a coarse lapboard for gaming in the living room.

    5. Razer Turret

    If you want to solve multiple cord-related issues with a single blow, the Razer Turret has you covered. It is an excellent, robust mechanical keyboard (built after Razor’s BlackVido and packing clicki, tactile green switch) paired with a built-in, retractable mouse pad, along with a top-shelf wireless mouse. The turret works seamlessly with the latest family of Xbox One consoles, both PC and Microsoft.

    Retailing at $ 250, the turret is around the price you pay for a free wireless mouse and keyboard independently, and you are getting quality products for your money. With a 16,000 DPI sensor and a strong IPS rating, the turret’s Mamba-equivalent performs side-by-side to its different counterparts and is indistinguishable from the keyboard razor’s BlackVido in terms of performance. This is a great way to clip two cords at once and make it harder to bear your most violent tantrums.

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