PUBG Mobile India Could Relaunch


PUBG Mobile India may soon relaunch in a country called Battlegrounds Mobile India as stated on the company’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and India website. Following the ban on Battle Royale in India last September, fans have been eagerly awaiting its relaunch, and publisher Krafton has been working on bringing it back to India. There may now be some changes on this front as there are some changes to the company’s social media account. In addition, soon after the download, it was supposed to remove the teaser trailer for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile, like 117 other apps, was banned in India last September. Since its release in 2018, the game has amassed a huge fan base and players have been very disappointed to hear the bad news. Since then, there have been attempts to bring the game back with some changes to suit the Indian audience, but without definite results. With that said, the official PUBG Mobile India Facebook page displays “@BattlegroundsMobileIN”, indicating that the game could be relaunched as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In addition, there is another account on Facebook called Battlegrounds Mobile India which claims to be the official PUBG Mobile India to account for the game but has not been verified. It also features a banner photo with the title of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, along with the words Coming Soon. The page also has a link to the PUBG Mobile India website, which, again, only says “Coming Soon”.

Late last month, some PUBG Mobile India subscribers on YouTube received notifications (1, 2) of a new 6-second teaser video uploaded to the official channel, which was quickly removed. It was reportedly titled “All New PUBG MOBILEs Arriving in India # 1”.

It should be noted that PUBG Corporation or Krafton have not shared any information regarding the release of PUBG Mobile in India. The fate of the game is still a mystery, but given the latest developments, PUBG Mobile fans might have something to look forward to.

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