Sony is working on a redesign of the PS5


In short: A new report claims that Sony suppliers will begin producing components for the redesigned PlayStation 5 between Q2 and Q3 2022. One such supplier is TSMC, which will be responsible for the production of AMD’s 6nm semi-custom chip that will unveil the new PS5 model.

The PlayStation 5 was an outstanding success for Sony. Despite supply issues, the PS5 has sold over 7.8 million consoles since its launch, surpassing PS4 sales in the same period. With demand for PS5 consoles hitting an all-time high, Sony is forced to seek solutions to increase supply.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan has publicly announced that the company is ramping up PS5 production to meet demand, which should lead to more inventory during the rest of the year.

Other solutions presented by Sony VP Hiroki Totoki included finding a secondary source of supply or redesigning the PS5. While we still haven’t heard anything about Sony’s supply chain expansion, a new report claims that Sony is indeed planning to release a redesigned PlayStation 5 console with new hardware.

The upgraded console can be equipped with an AMD-developed semi-custom chip based on TSMC’s 6nm process. A 5nm chip was also considered, but it was deemed “too expensive”.

It is reported that the production of new PS5 chips will begin in the second-third quarter of 2022. Nothing is known about external changes to the console yet.

All PlayStation consoles had at least one hardware version, but the PS4 was the only one that got a performance boost with the PS4 Pro. If Sony releases a new PS5 model with a 6nm chip, it is unlikely that we will see performance improvements as well.

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