The Main Characters of ‘Resident Evil Village’


Resident Evil Village will unearth new horrors within the snow-filled settings of an eerie European location in May—with more mysterious secrets to unravel and plenty of danger for gamers to confront (or avoid)!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and likes from other main entries in the franchise with the likes of Chris Redfield, of course, some new antagonists and “we’re not good or can’t work out”. Bad “type NPCs are also making an appearance. From the information and trailer given by Capcom so far, here are the main characters you can see in Resident Evil Village:


Ethan Winters first appeared on our gaming screens in 2017 as the protagonist in the survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the first game in the main series to move away from the usual cast of characters with a brand-new story.

Ethan survived traumatic events at the Baker Estate in the United States, where he went in search of his wife, Mia, and found much more than he bargained for. While boarding the Annabelle cargo ship, Mia had a genetically modified human aboard the Annabelle cargo ship, causing her to run away and attack Ethan … She put her cursed hand Saw too!

In the end, Ethan and Mia escaped the nightmarish Evelyn and the “mold” that infected the Baker family and the surrounding areas, and now they find themselves in a winter European village under the protection of the Bioterrorism Safety Assessment Alliance (BSAA).

However, Ethan fails as he is once again pulled into a rescue mission of loss, pain and stress.



A former investigator for a secret crime syndicate known as The Connections, Mia Winters faced a lot of trouble during the Resident Evil 7 storyline as she was infected with an E-Type bio-weapon known as Eveline while on a mission to transport a dangerous girl to a facility in Central America.

When the tanker is shipwrecked after Evelyn attacks the members on board, Mia is taken by the Baker family, who, unbeknownst to her, also took Evelyn after finding her among the wreckage. Unbeknownst to them, this would lead to a major outbreak of the mold virus.

After recovering from the virus at the end of RE7 by Ethan, the couple flees the country and starts a new life elsewhere, now with their beautiful girl. However, something evil is stirring in their new environment – and when Chris Redfield appears, their lives are turned upside down again.


Oh, sweet Rosemary Winters this his little bundle of joy is Ethan and Mia’s daughter and a new face in the Resident Evil series … she’s a newborn baby, after all! Rosemary is a human mutant due to a mold infection that consumed Mia before her conception.

Little is known about Rosemary at this point; however, trailer details suggest it was picked up by Chris Redfield. It seems that the antagonists of the game are hunting Rosemary as she is an important part of their plans – but what exactly are the plans?



BSAA Chris Redfield was around the block and he came back looking more dangerous than ever. Following the events of Resident Evil 7, in which Chris helped Ethan and Mia defeat Evelyn and escape the Baker estate, as well as track down Lucas Baker in the Not a Hero DLC, Chris is tasked with infiltrating a European village on what he believes will be one mission of the “doomsday” type.

In Resident Evil Village, Chris is now also the leader of an elite group called the Wolfhound Squad, which appears in Ethan’s house from early footage of the trailer. Chris seems pretty sinister in this part of the series, but surely our cute shit can’t be the bad guy?

Well, judging by the trailers we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look very good: he shoots someone and then (supposedly) carries off poor Rosemary Winters. Not exactly the reunion Ethan wants. We’ve also seen in various versions of Resident Evil Village official work that Chris has a “forked face” on one side, battered and bruised, with a furry werewolf head and glittering eyes on the other. Will Chris turn into a monster? We need to find out!


While his height and somewhat creepy personality may bother gamers at first, it looks like The Duke may be the friend you’ve always wanted, especially if you’re trying to save your child from a bunch of evil werewolves, vampires, witches, and more. God knows what else is there.

He doesn’t quite understand Resident Evil 4’s “What are you buying?” A merchant, but he makes up for it with a large selection of goods in the Duke’s Emporium from which Ethan can choose. Here you can purchase and customize weapons, as well as stock up on useful travel items.

The mall will also allow you to sell valuable items for Lei (in-game currency) in the Duke’s Purse section of the store. So far, we know that the crystal skulls that drop from some defeated enemies can be sold at a high price.

You can also hunt animals for ingredients, which the Duke will in turn mix together in the recipe you consume, giving Ethan stat boosts like block damage reduction.


And here she is – the “tall lady vampire” or “Lady Dimitrescu” who became an internet phenomenon a few months before the game even appeared. Her last name means “follower of Demeter” and “first goddess of fertility” – which is probably why it looks like a group of horny gamers appeared among them!

Lady Alcina Dumitrescu is a mutant human countess and one of the main antagonists of Resident Evil Village. At over nine feet tall (yes, you read that right), she wields giant retractable claws and will chase Ethan through the halls of the great castle, much like Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Her appearance, according to the Village’s art director Tomonori Takano, was inspired by a Japanese urban legend named Hashaku-sama. We know from the trailers that she is associated with some kind of secret ceremony (we assume that she is connected with the capture of Rosemary Winters) and that she is reporting to a mysterious figure known as “Mother Miranda”.

Because of his claws, many have associated his characteristics with the dictator species seen in the majority of Resident Evil games. However, Vidya states that she has been around for a few decades before the creation of any dictator (Mr. X, slavery, etc.)… so what on earth is that ?!


In Bram Stoker’s Dracula is said to be inspired by Dracula’s brides, the three witches are facing enemies who roam Castle Dimitrescu under the command of their so-called mother, Lady Dimitrescu.

These sinister sisters are able to teleport short distances and use hordes of flies to harm nearby enemies. Bella, the eldest sister, is believed to be quieter and more reserved than the three; The middle child Cassandra is more unhappy, and likes to torment and kill her victims; The youngest, Daniela, is said to be the craziest (and possibly scariest) of them all. All three sisters are sensitive to sunlight, so maybe crack a window or something!


The ruler of a terrible Eastern European village, Mother Miranda (or just Miranda, if you want to be bold) is a mysterious woman in a winged cloak, whose face is hidden behind a mask like a golden beak. We have not seen much of this character so far, but from the trailers it appears that she is related to Lady Dimitrescu, the leader of whatever cult, club, or organization. We are unsure at this stage whether or not Mother Miranda is the main antagonist, but, we do not trust her!


In allegiance with the Beneviento, Moreau, and Dimitrescu families, Carl Heisenberg and his clan are notorious in these parts for running their family-owned factory with an iron fist … a creepy, bloody, ferocious iron fist, on that!

He was seen donning the duster and hat in the opening trailer, featuring a pair of quirky sunglasses and (more importantly) a huge, steampunk-style hammer – no doubt his own creation, his expert engineering. Courtesy of Kaushal.

Despite being an associate of long-standing noble houses, Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu do not appear to be eyeing all aspects of their families’ close relationships. Also, one of the early screenshots released by Capcom depicts a werewolf-like boss who produces a big-blooded hammer … all that happens is wearing a long coat.


The puppets creep us out, so Donna Benevinto is already a character with whom we want to avoid spending a lot of time. Living in a fog-filled valley on the outskirts of the village, Dona Benevinto is one of the four lords who work under Mother Miranda. If we hazard a guess, we consider her doll, Angie, the key to her mystical powers – so we’re going to empty our ammo trying to destroy her!


Salvatore Moreau, a mash-up between Quasimodo and Victor Deches, is one of the four lords under Miranda. There is not much information at present about this twisted demon, who spends his time in a reservoir away from stinging eyes – but he is certainly similar to her about one of the ugly werewolf creatures on Prowl.

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