Top Apex Legends Heritage Patch are absolutely Massive


Apex Legends is the kind of battle royale game I come back to periodically long enough to check out new heroes. But if you take a closer look at the upcoming Legacy update, complete with the new Valkyrie Legend and 3v3 Arenas.

Legacy won’t be out until Tuesday, May 4th, but the comprehensive patch notes coming with the update are available right now. Respawn customizes pretty much everything under the sun: weapons, starting loot, hero abilities, loot pools, and even a circle. This is a massive patch that will undoubtedly change the free-to-play battle royale game forever.

Valkyrie, a new legend

  • Passive: VTOL Jets
  • Tactical: Missile Swarm
  • Ultimate: Skyward dive
  • Class: Recon

Arenas, the new 3v3 mode

That’s right, Apex is no longer a battle royal game. Arenas is a 3v3, round-based elimination mode that sounds like Call of Duty’s Gunfight mode and with a CS splatter: Go Weapon Economy.

Arenas is based on five maps, with two basic modes and three battle royale maps based on regions:

  • Party Crasher
  • Phase Runner
  • Artillery (King’s Canyon)
  • Thermal Station (World’s Edge)
  • Golden Gardens (Olympus)

Bocek, the new weapon

Apex’s latest weapon, dubbed “bow-check”, is the first bow. It comes with its own rare type of ammunition (shooter) that can be looted by enemies trapped or dropped into objects. It’s a powerful precision weapon, but you’ll need a disciplined target to be effective.

Legend balancing

A total of eight Legends are receiving significant updates in the Legacy, including Octane, Crypto, Bloodhound, Loba, Fuse, and Bangalore. You can see the full details in the official patch notes, but the biggest changes certainly come with the Lifeline rework and a significant weakening of the popular Horizon Gravity Lift tactics.

Lifeline rework

Fighter revived: no longer shows a shield. Now two players can be revived at the same time. Now you can cancel active revivals in progress to allow your teammates to defend themselves with their knockdown shield.

D. O. C. Heal drone: Heal rate increased from 5hp per second to 8hp per second. Deployment time before treatment is reduced by about 33%.
Care Package: Colddown 6 minutes to 5 minutes.

Guarantees an upgrade (if possible) in three categories: body shield, other equipment (helmet, backpack, and knockdown shield) and weapon attachments based on your team’s current gear when the package arrives.

Horizon nerf

Gravity lift: 30% reduction in lift speed. Reduction in side-to-side acceleration. For a limited time you can sit on top of the gravity lift for 2 seconds. Cooldown increased from 15s to 20s.

Horizon’s abilities will now be assumed by the Watson Pylons.

There are a few more interesting points, for example, that each legend now has emotions that you can activate in the game. Each character gets a base to emote that mimics the opening action you usually see when you pick them at the start of a match, but Respawn will start offering premium options pretty soon.

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