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If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Xbox Series X, get your wallet ready. Microsoft’s flagship game console is up for pre-order at Games The Shop. The pre-order comes just ahead of the Sony PS5 pre-orders, which are scheduled to begin on May 17th. Currently, only Games The Shop accepts pre-orders for the Xbox Series X console.

All other retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Reliance Digital continue to display an Out of Stock banner on their Xbox Series X listings. Also note that Games The Shop does not accept pre-orders for the more affordable Xbox Series S console Those interested in PS5 can do the same from their website. Xbox Series X costs Rs 49,990 in India.

Xbox Series X goes up for pre-order

At the moment, both the Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 are suffering from the global chip shortage. Microsoft has stayed mum while Sony has gone ahead to hint at a possible continuation of this situation in 2022. AMD hardware and custom GPUs are being used by both of these consoles to offer the promised next-gen performance.

BGR India reviewed both the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5, and found both of them to be equally capable for modern-day gaming. However, the Xbox Series X has lots of extras to offer over the PS5, all of which affect the overall gaming experience. The Xbox gets a 1TB onboard SSD for its storage, liberating more space for storage than that of the PS5. Additionally, the Xbox also gets a Storage Expansion card of 1TB that can both store and play games.

The Xbox console also supports 4K gaming at 60fps and even 8K output on supported TVs. Microsoft has released Quick Resume for Xbox so that you can resume your game from where you left it – there is no need to save your game progress each time. It also has smart delivery, which downloads the best version of the game onto your system. There is also support for ray tracing.

The cheaper Xbox Series S accompanies Series X with a starting price of Rs 34,990. This one loses out in 4K games and gets half the storage as well as 4TFLOPS total game power.

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